Leading the Sheep & Goat Industry Since 1980


Sydell is located near the small town of Burbank, in southeast South Dakota. South Dakota is the home of Mount Rushmore in the beautiful Black Hills. In 1975, Sydell Farms was formed as a small family partnership that consisted of a father and two sons. They raised corn, alfalfa, soybeans, swine and sheep. In 1980 they formed a corporation under the name of Sydell, and started to manufacture swine equipment and some sheep and goat equipment.

The swine equipment sales started to decline with high interest rates and low swine prices in the early 80's. The sheep and goat equipment sales kept increasing with new products designed to meet the producers needs. New products and new owners, John and Doralee Lynch, took over the sheep equipment manufacturing. During the new startup, some key employees started with us and remain today.

Together we have introduced and expanded new products and continue to expand new products to the sheep and goat industry. Our team and work ethic, commitment to customers’ needs and support of youth groups such as 4-H and FFA, have made Sydell a common name to the producers in the sheep and goat industry.

Our products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. When you invest in equipment manufactured by Sydell, you invest in America. We have a proud history of supporting American workers since 1980. Before you purchase from our competitors, ask them if their products are manufactured by American workers. As we all work to revitalize out economy, we hope that you will continue to invest in America.

Sydell Staff

John Lynch, Owner
Doralee Lynch, Owner
Kyle Christiansen, Salesman
Since 1986
Stephen Thiesen, Salesman
Since 2000
Jake Herrig, Salesman
Since 2005