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  • System F Corral System

Take the work out of handling your sheep/goats with a Sydell Working System. Our corral systems are modular so you can design almost any style of system, We have 7 predesigned systems that are popular with our customers. The tubs on the systems can be reversed to go in opposite directions. In addition, numerous options can easily be added to the systems including turn tables, scales, and different styles of sort gates. See more information on this product for the complete list of parts in each system.

System F Corral System (#988)

Length: Approx. 38'3"
Width: Approx. 7'10
Weight: Approx. 1,170 lbs.
QTY.  Model  Description
1 #930-2  Tilt Table
1 #920B 2-Way Sort with #980A
1 #943-8 8' Slide/Swing Gate
1 #944  Tub Supports #1, #2 and #3
2 #950 8' Solid Panel
1 #950D  Solid Panel Special Length for System D
2 #950-T 8' Curved Tub Panel
1 #950-TD Short Curved Panel for 989 Tub
2 #955 8' Solid Panel with 12" Drop Top
1 #965A Flat Anti-Backup Plate
1 #985A Guillotine Gate
1 #986  Rope Support - Telescoping

System F Corral System

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