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The Sydell Corral System D, is meticulously engineered to streamline the handling process of sheep and goats, prioritizing the safety of both animals and handlers. Let's delve into its components and noteworthy attributes: Components of...

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The Sydell Corral System D, is meticulously engineered to streamline the handling process of sheep and goats, prioritizing the safety of both animals and handlers. Let's delve into its components and noteworthy attributes:

Components of System D:

 This System D Working System is approximately 26'9" long x 10'5" wide and weighs 900 pounds.

  1. 920B 2-Way Sort with 980A: Facilitates seamless sorting of livestock in two directions, ensuring efficient movement within the system with one hand operation.
  2. 943 8’ Slide/Swing Gate: Provides effortless access to the system, allowing for convenient one-person operation to guide stock through.
  3. 944D Tub Supports #1 and #2: Offers crucial stability to the tub panels, reinforcing the structure of the system.
  4. 950 8’ Solid Corral Panels: Ensures secure containment limiting sight and calming sheep and goats within the system, enhancing safety during handling.
  5. 950D Solid Special Length for System D: A customized solid panel tailored specifically for System D, optimizing its functionality.
  6. 950-T 8’ Curved Tub Panels: Enhances the circular design of the system, facilitating smooth and efficient movement of animals.
  7. 955 8’ Solid Panels with 12” Drop Top: This innovative feature allows for easy access to the animals for welfare checks and handling or treatment procedures. The 12” drop top panel can be lowered to provide convenient access to the animals, facilitating thorough checks or medical treatments. Once the procedure is completed, the drop top panel can be lifted back up, ensuring the safety and containment of the animals within the system. This feature significantly enhances workflow efficiency, enabling seamless handling procedures and promoting the overall welfare of the livestock.
  8. 965 Flat Anti-Backup Plate: Prevents animals from backing up within the system, ensuring uninterrupted handling operations.
  9. 970 Corral Support Stand: Provides essential support to the overall structure of the corral system, reinforcing its durability.
  10. 985 Guillotine Gate: Effectively controls the movement of animals within the system, prioritizing safety during handling procedures.
  11. 986 Rope Support (Telescoping): Aids in the remote operation of the guillotine gate, allowing for convenient control by a single operator from a distance.

Sydell Corral System, System D – an innovative solution tailored to elevate your sheep and goat handling operations. Engineered with precision and expertise, this system seamlessly blends efficiency, safety, and customization to meet the diverse needs of modern livestock producers. Here's why System D is the ultimate choice for optimizing your workflow:

Key Features:

  1. Efficiency Redefined: With advanced components such as the 2-Way Sort and Slide/Swing Gate, System D streamlines your handling process, allowing for smooth and swift movement of livestock within the system.
  2. Adjustable Width: With different width options available, you can narrow the system at the base, converting panels into a V-shape configuration. This feature allows you to tailor the system to the size of your stock, preventing them from turning around within the system.
  3. Safety First: Prioritizing the well-being of both animals and handlers, System D is equipped with safety features like the sturdy Corral Support Stand and Anti-Backup Plate to ensure secure containment and minimize risks during handling procedures.
  4. Ease of Operation: Experience unparalleled convenience with System D's one-person operation design. From the intuitive Guillotine Gate with remote operation capabilities to the Telescoping Rope Support, every component is engineered for effortless handling, reducing labor costs and enhancing efficiency.
  5. Customization Options: Tailor System D to suit your unique requirements with a range of customizable options. Whether you need drop top panels for improved access, foot baths for hygiene maintenance, or specialized equipment like the Spin Doctor or Tilt Table, System D offers flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.
  6. Durability Guaranteed: Built to withstand the demands of daily use, System D is constructed with robust materials and sturdy components, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the most challenging environments.

Additional Options:

  1. Foot Baths: Incorporate foot baths seamlessly into the system to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases among your herd.
  2. Specialized Equipment: Upgrade your handling capabilities with specialized equipment such as the Spin Doctor or Tilt Table, designed for tasks like hoof trimming, shearing, or medical examinations.
  3. 3-Way Sort: Expand your sorting capabilities with the addition of a 3-Way Sort option, providing greater flexibility in directing the movement of livestock within the system.
  4. Safer Handling: Minimize risks associated with handling operations by enabling producers to work with fewer personnel while maintaining the highest standards of safety for both handlers and livestock.

Unlock the full potential of your livestock operation with the Sydell Corral System, System D. From enhanced efficiency to unparalleled safety and customization options, System D offers everything you need to take your handling process to new heights.



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